Published on October 07, 2020

Designing Get Well Cards for Patients

Patient with a get well cardCrafter Sally Quinn’s prescription for helping Concord Hospital patients does not come in a pill bottle. It comes in envelopes, covered with glued-on images like colorful flowers or butterflies for adults and sparkly hearts or pirates for kids. Sally makes personal ‘Get Well’ cards for patients hospitalized at a time when visitors are restricted because of the 皇冠app pandemic.

“I just thought it would be a nice thing for people who are kind of holed up for a while,” Sally said. “I know I would love to get a card if I was lonesome and couldn’t have any visitors.

Sally, who is 83, turned toward her stash of craft supplies after seeing a story in the Concord Monitor in May about how patients were touched by receiving often anonymous ‘Get Well’ cards during the pandemic. She soon delivered 40 cards of her own and began making more.

“I put a little note in them saying ‘Hurry up and get well. The sun is shining. The birds are out singing. They are all calling for you to get home,’” she said. “And I sign them, ‘Your Friend, Sally.’”

Sally, who lives in Concord, leaves some cards blank so nurses can write personal messages to specific patients.

Hospital Chaplain Rev. Kate Morse delivers the cards with the help of nurses who know which patients might need a boost on a given day.

“I hope it gives them a smile,” Sally said. “It’s a long day when you are in there. So, if you can take five minutes to read something and it gives you a chuckle, hey, there’s nothing better than that."

Sally plans to continue making and delivering cards after the pandemic so they will be on hand for patients who need a smile.

“It beats housework any day, I’ll tell ya,” she said.