Telehealth Services

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Consult Your Concord Hospital Medical Group Provider from Your Home with Telehealth Services

During a time when we’re all being asked to practice social distancing and stay at home, telephone and video visits offer a safe, secure and convenient alternative to office visits. Telehealth telephone and video visits are available for various services including diagnosing a health concern, follow-up visits, monitoring and management of chronic conditions, as well as referrals to or guidance from a specialist or other healthcare provider.

Call your Concord Hospital Medical Group provider for more information. 

Telehealth Rehabilitation Services

If you're a patient of our Rehabilitation Services Department, you have access to telehealth rehabilitation visits. Call Rehabilitation Services at (603) 230-5600 for more information.

Patients who have experienced telehealth rehabilitation visits have shared positive feedback about their experiences.

"Doing these appointments over telehealth has been amazing. It has allowed me to continue therapy to help my shoulder pain while feeling safe and practicing social distancing."
"I was getting worse not having any therapy for a few weeks and then when you were able to see me over telehealth my knee pain significantly lessened after learning the correct exercises to be doing. Going downstairs is getting much better."
"Having telehealth visits to make sure I am doing my exercises correctly and learn new exercises to do after my rotator cuff surgery has been incredible. At first, I was a little hesitant about doing telehealth, but after seeing the use in our first visit I was glad I chose to go this route."