Lymphedema Rehabilitation

Lymphedema is a type of swelling (edema) that occurs typically in the arms and/or legs but can occur anywhere in the body. It's caused by a blockage in the lymphatic portion of the circulatory system which prevents fluid from draining as it should. As the fluid builds up, lymphedema occurs.

When you're experiencing symptoms of lymphedema and are seeking treatment, turn to Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services physical therapists for expert care and treatment. 

Lymphedema Symptoms

  • Feeling of fullness or heaviness in the swollen body part
  • Much deeper skin creases
  • Changes in the skin such as redness, inflammation or bumps
  • Difficulty wearing clothes, jewelry or shoes that usually fit well
  • Pitting or indented areas of the skin and underlying tissue that don't return to normal when pressure is removed

Lymphedema Treatments

Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services physical therapists, specially trained in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), treat lymphedema symptoms with a comprehensive treatment approach.

  • Specific massage/lymph drainage techniques to move lymphatic fluid
  • Education on skin care, self-management of symptoms and prevention strategies
  • Compression bandaging/wrapping with a special type of bandage and eventually fitting the body part with a compression garment (sleeve, stocking) to be worn throughout the day
  • Specific exercises

Patient Feedback

"I never felt rushed and I left with hope to decrease my pain from lymphedema and from the last reconstruction caused by breast cancer. I look forward, as does my partner, for techniques we can use at home."

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