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Dr. Veronica Triaca,博士. 凯茜易 & Dr. 布莱恩标志


盆腔医学,自制 & 性健康

如果盆底紊乱, 性功能的担忧, 尿失禁, bladder dysfunction or pelvic organ prolapse are impacting your quality of life, the team of pelvic medicine specialists at 皇冠app泌尿科研究所's 盆腔医学,自制 和 性健康 Program can offer you a full spectrum of services to diagnose 和 treat your condition.

他们会诊断你的病情, 制定全面的治疗计划, 如果需要, consolidate multiple surgical procedures in a single surgery. 为你, this collaborative multidisciplinary approach often means fewer appointments, shorter length of treatment 和 fewer surgeries for urologic 和 urogynecologic conditions.




  • 子宫内膜异位
  • 大便失禁
  • 女性性功能障碍
  • 女性尿失禁和功能障碍
  • 动静脉瘘
  • 更年期生殖综合征 
  • 炎症阴道炎 
  • 梗阻性排尿和尿潴留
  • 女性盆底障碍
  • 盆腔器官脱垂
  • Post-prostatectomy失禁
  • 难治性急症和夜尿症
  • 尿道障碍和狭窄
  • 尿路感染
  • Vaginal/vulvar skin conditions (lichen sclerosis 和 lichen planus)


  • InterStim®疗法
  • 微创手术
  • 机器人手术
  • 阴部神经阻滞注射


安玛丽麦科马克 of New Hampton jokes that before being cared for at 皇冠app泌尿科研究所, she could have written a travel guide for roadside rest areas.



When you're a patient of the Urologic Institute's 盆腔医学,自制 和 性健康 Program you benefit from an integrated approach to care that involves experts from across multiple disciplines.

  • 泌尿科医生
  • 妇产科医师
  • 物理治疗师 
  • 行为治疗师
  • 社会工作者
  • 高级实践者
  • 护理专家
  • 营养师
  • 调度协调员

例如, our physical therapists help you cope with bladder 和 bowel dysfunction 和 recovery from surgery. Specially trained pelvic floor physical therapists are an integral part of the program. 谢丽尔切尼 和 斯泰西Lillios are experts in assessing musculoskeletal disorders affecting the pelvis 和 collaborate with the Pelvic Medicine Program physicians. Their care pairs with medical 和 surgical treatment to offer a comprehensive program to successfully manage chronic 和 complex disorders affecting intimate functions of bladder/bowel elimination 和 intimacy.

If you're experiencing chronic pelvic conditions or sexual dysfunction you may need behavioral health support. A clinical mental health counselor is available to help you cope with anxiety; post-traumatic stress; or sexual, physical or emotional abuse that might be associated with your condition.

The integrated approach to care means fewer appointments 和 surgeries, shorter length of treatment 和 fewer Emergency Department visits.


InterStim®尿疗法 & 大便失禁

When other treatments for urinary 和 fecal urgency or 尿失禁 fail for you, InterStim®疗法可以帮助你. The therapy involves implanting a small device under the skin that sends mild electric current to nerves that control the bladder 和 bowel, helping temper false signals of urgency 和 enabling you to regain control.

阴部神经阻滞 & 触发点块

If you live with a painful condition affecting the pudendal nerve between the anus 和 testicles or vagina, a pudendal nerve block injection into the nerve is considered the first-line treatment for managing symptoms 和 diagnosing the condition. Trigger point injections involve using a thin needle to break up small deformities in muscles called trigger points that can cause pain in the pelvic region 和 pudendal nerve.


If you need surgery pelvic medicine specialists employ minimally invasive robotic-assisted procedures, most often for reconstructive surgery or to repair pelvic organ prolapse, 当骨盆器官从原来的位置下降时. 大多数患者是女性, but men also are treated for pelvic pain or for bladder control following prostate surgery.


Dr. Yi specializes in complex or persistent vaginal/vulvar skin conditions for which previous treatment has not been successful or by referral from primary care providers. 这些问题会影响亲密关系, bladder 和 bowel functions 和 also can be a precursor for vulvar cancer. They include rare skin conditions (lichen sclerosis 和 lichen planus), as well as non-infectious inflammatory vaginitis (inflammation of the vaginal lining) 和 genital syndrome of menopause — various symptoms associated with physical changes after menopause.


In addition to its office on 皇冠app’s campus, the Institute's board-certified urologists practice in New London, 普利茅斯, 和沃尔夫伯勒, making it convenient for you to be seen close to home no matter where you live in Central New Hampshire.


自信地选择你的护理. 特蕾西了.

Tracy Tsouros has experienced pelvic pain for years 和 both of her children suffer from chronic health conditions. 皇冠app’s network of doctors 和 specialists have provided her family access to experts locally who are working to care for all their conditions. Their expertise has allowed Tracy’s children to be active, go to school 和 play multiple sports 和 she can go to work to help support her family.

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